Hello GM Avetik. Could you create a complete black course with the Nimzoindian defense please?


ChessMood 3 months ago

Arturo, we create one opening repertoire, which is best for getting 2400 rating.
It is done due to long masterminds with the best Grandmasters and best coaches in the world. 
Arturo Cuellar

Arturo Cuellar 3 months ago

Hi. Excuse me, what is that defense against 1.d4, the Benko gambit?
Edo Tokyo

Edo Tokyo 3 months ago

Yes, Arturo, the Benko gambit is our defense against d4 and when the opponents choose to follow it, they regret it really soon normally, the sky darkens and hell is unleashed in their white pieces... ;-) I love it!
Giorgos Kechagias

Giorgos Kechagias 3 months ago

One of my favorite openings for black against 1.d4 is kings indian alhthough it is not included in chessmood openings.


ChessMood 3 months ago

All the chess openings of the world, can't be ChessMood Openings :) 
Kim Skaanning-Pedersen

Kim Skaanning-Pedersen 3 months ago

I think it is very hard to master and play the KID well