New faeture idea

So I was reading through a few of my favourite blog posts, I have them all bookmarked on my web broswer currently.

Howeever, I think it would be great to be able to add blog posts to favourites. That way everything you need can be stored in favourites list and easily access from one page.


ChessMood 2 weeks ago

Hey Jamie! 
Thank you very much for the idea. We liked it too :) 
We'll put in the to-do list of our developers. 
By the way, which ones are your favorites? 
skipper chess

skipper chess 2 weeks ago

mine was the 9 game method article!
jamie Wilby

jamie Wilby 2 weeks ago

I love the how to memorise and recall openings one.

I play and teach poker for a living and the methods are similar to how I recommend advanced learning actually.

I took the outline of the blog post to form my training. Just added in a step of playing the opening on chess tempos opening trainer. What I like about this is mistakes you make come up more often as branches to train as a form of spaced repetition. Its very crucial for learning, checking your own games versus mistakes in the opening is also very important.

Giorgos Kechagias

Giorgos Kechagias 1 week ago

Μy favourites: 5. The golden rule 4. Journey into the Scandinavian defence jungle 3. 3 important principles of the attack 2. Find your why 1. How to become a GM - is it easy?