New Event Idea - Interest for ChessMood Openings only Themed tournament?

I'm trying to learn and practice the openings from ChessMood but am finding it hard to get training games. Would you consider running a tournament where users have to play only ChessMood Openings?

If there is interest please comment! 

Evan Clark

Evan Clark 2 months ago

I would definitely support this - the lack of practice in some games are the biggest issue - I've looked at the openings recommended against d4, but at my level d4 doesn't seem that common so I've struggled to get much practice in the games and really struggle due to a lack of familiarity with the middlegame positions. I lose a lot of games against uncommon openings because I'm just not use to the positions that result from them.

It'd also be good to get some opportunity to playing against the openings.

Nils Philipp

Nils Philipp 2 months ago

Hi Vishnu, such kind of tournaments took already place (closed tournament on specific openings at the beginning and then some tournaments with "black starts with ... e7-e5" (starting with e2-e4 with reversed colours). At the moment the closed tournaments (arenas) are meant to train your sills with certain pieces. Although the benefit is much higher if one had participated in the tournament it still makes a lot of sense to watch the webinars of our coaches in which they give feedback on the tournaments. You find these webinar in the event's list. And I have posted as an example the links to the webinars on the Anti-Sicilian here: