ChessMood 8 months ago

NEW ARTICLE: Which Chess Books? Openings? Courses? The 3 Golden Rules When Asking for Recommendations
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Devansh Shah

Devansh Shah 8 months ago

Great article @GM_Avetik_Grigoryan!

If you don't mind, I would like to know this answer from you

I am 1628 fide rated player

I am a crazy opening and engines fan and focus on openings very heavily and try to out prepare opponents

I do read pawn structures (from udemy and ChessBase) and attacking play, but  I still get inferior positions sometimes because of lack of opening knowledge or I sometimes mix up moves in positions that I may have drilled it the same day

My biggest fear (possibly), is I don't want equal positions directly without any fight 

I love to press opponents but sometimes get pressed myself badly

My style is more tactical in nature so sometimes I lose patience and get squeezed

As of now, I can spend 3 hours max on chess but after 2-3 months, as my exams are finished, I will give 6-7 hours to chess

I would be really grateful if you could suggest to me something


ChessMood 8 months ago

Devansh, thanks! :) 
First of all, you must stop using engine on your level, especially be fun of it. It'll destroy your future. 
Also, trying to outplay opponents in the home preparation. 
Learn to play good chess. 
Read/watch classics. 

I think we had a 1-1 call when you joined PRO Membership and you had a clear plan. 
Devansh Shah

Devansh Shah 8 months ago

Thank you so much for your reply

I am so thankful to you for guiding me !

Llorenç Boldú Zabih

Llorenç Boldú Zabih 8 months ago

Great article. I think an advisor should recommend books according the style of the player.

I hired in 2019 a GM who played 1.d4 and as black 1.d4 Nimzoindian 1.e4 e6, so really we stopped talking about openings since I play the Scotch, the Najdorf and the Modern Benoni. He liked things to go slowly and I played in a rush, dropping the 1780 FIDE rating in 220 points.

Sriram M

Sriram M 8 months ago

I too would like to know this recommendation from you Coach Avetik!

I am 13 years old and I am a very passionate player.

I am 1900 USCF and around 1600 FIDE, though both should be much higher after the virus.

My goal is to become a top Grandmaster and inspire others to learn and play chess!

I can invest 2-3 hours on chess on school days and much more on weekends.

As for my style,  I like both attacking and positional chess, though I would say I like positional a little better. I love endgames as well.

Thank You!

P. S. As I mentioned in another forum, the National Online Scholastic Championships are coming up and I am hungry to win!