ChessMood 11 months ago

NEW ARTICLE: Transitioning to a Favorable Pawn Endgame
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Haytham Mortada

Haytham Mortada 11 months ago

Yes, I believe that Qd3 wins the game
Robert J.

Robert J. 11 months ago

White wins certainly.
Sriram M

Sriram M 11 months ago

Good article and yes, White will win. If the Black King goes and captures a5, by that time White will play d5! followed by f5 and e6, creating a passed pawn. The Black king cannot get into the square of the e-pawn.
Shahinur Haque

Shahinur Haque 11 months ago

I think White will win after Qd3
amit mishra

amit mishra 11 months ago

Very instructive article & Qd3+leads to win