ChessMood 10 months ago

NEW ARTICLE: Latvian Gambit | The Refutation
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David Flynn

David Flynn 10 months ago

Abracadabra, goodbye Latvian :)
David Flynn

David Flynn 10 months ago

Just finished it, very cool, and much easier to play than Nc4. If the discoverer doesn't mind, maybe it could be called the ChessMood countergambit (leaves d4 to be taken)? Waiting to send a few cavemen back to the stoneage with this.
David Flynn

David Flynn 10 months ago

Just sent one back to his cave. After Nd3 Black had premoved fxe4, and after Nf4, he couldn't wait to play d5, without even preparing with c6. I couldn't wait to take d5 either and after Qd6, Qh5+ it was all over in a couple of moves.

Ignoring how effectual Nd3 is, one thing is certain at least at blitz, a number of players don't understand what they play deeply, and just are happy to play the traps and go all caveman on you. The more caveman and traps, the less they know.

Looking like a good year for the abracadabra section then.

Robert J.

Robert J. 10 months ago

Great article coach. Thank you.
skipper chess

skipper chess 10 months ago

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