NEW ARTICLE: 5 Easy Steps to Evaluate a Chess Position Like a GM

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David Flynn

David Flynn 1 week ago

Nice article. Keep it simple rather than try to remember lots of things, which is better than doing nothing.
Shahinur Haque

Shahinur Haque 1 week ago

Many many thanks to the Author for the article. I want to achieve the state when it will be automatic to me.
Thanks, great article. Anyway the lesson I take is keep your pieces as active as posible.
amit mishra

amit mishra 1 week ago

Very impressive !! Thanks for this article.
Beshoy Nabil

Beshoy Nabil 15 hours ago

Is there a site, application or a reference for position evaluation or strategic moves? (examples followed by chapter answers and discussions)
All I saw was tactics only.

And thanks in advance.