JAIRUS JA 2 years ago

Need some help..and advice

Sir  ..i was rated around 1850 in lichess....i couldn't afford a coach so i tried working hard online watching videos...and surfing...thing around...i seriously want to improve my ratings...i dont know what is my original rating...as i had not attended any tournaments...i can do any thing to improve my chess career....please help me to reach 2500......??.....just tell me what should i do...i can work hard on anything.....thx

Sandesh Bajaj

Sandesh Bajaj 2 years ago

First of all lichess rating starts from1500.so Ur just started playing chess..

I recommend couple of things...

Do tactics everyday...this is the most effective way of increasing Ur rating..because at this level more than 50%games are decided on tactics.......

Secondly study some endgames..the books like 100 endgames u must know ....

After studied that book throughly Ur HV pretty good knowledge of. Endgames..Ur understanding of endgame increases....that will help u...

Now  start reading some chess blogs...that will increse Ur interest in chess...Ur will read some amazing insight of game.. tournament..and other

U need 6~12 months to do that depending upon how mush time u afford to give regularly

Ur overall game will increase


JAIRUS JA 2 years ago

Ok..bro...ill try it...thanks for your kind advice


GM_Avetik Grigoryan

GM_Avetik Grigoryan 2 years ago

Here are the 3 important steps! 


1 Why you want that? Have a definite answer to that question. You should have a very strong answer!  

2 Burning desire to do that! 

3 Massive, determined action 


3a- If you are a PRO Member- you have already a big advantage, you know the direction, you have mentors. 
a1Watch the courses, watch the streams and put in practice. Don't afraid to get out of the comfort zone. We grow only when we are not in the comfort zone! 
a2 Explore chess books from chessmood.com/we-recommend 
a3 Solve puzzles minimum of 30 minutes a day! 

You'll see big progress in a few months! 


3b- If you are not our PRO Member 

b1- Find good sources to learn - Good FB groups, good youtube channels, if you can't afford to have a coach - find friends who can help you or you can grow helping each other. 
The rest is the same. Explore chess books, solve puzzles. Of course, having a coach or mentor - is a big shortcut- but if you can't afford it - That's the way. 
You will find good resources here: chessmood.com/we-recommend

A video link about how effectively explore chess books   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N5Tw1iNDfas&t=913s 

Friends, and don't forget about the Right Mood! Right Mood generates Right Moves! 


JAIRUS JA 2 years ago

Thanks a lot....sir☺☺...really helpful?

Nykaj AK

Nykaj AK 2 years ago

Tactical skill and positional understanding are very important as is knowledge of some basic endgames. Doing tactics helps a lot, but you'll need to do quite a lot of tactics with varying themes and levels of difficulty to achieve something big. Reading (and understanding!) some books like "How to reassess your chess" and "The Amateur's Mind" (both by IM Jeremy Silman) helps to improve your strategic skills as would many of Dvoretsky's books (Advanced material warning!). You might want to brush up your knowledge of endgames (rook endgames in particular, as well as pawn endgames) by understanding what to do in endgames rather than memorizing long theoretical variations.

I would also suggest choosing yourself a 'pet' opening. If you already know an opening (and like it!) then you could easily make it more fire-proof, by looking for novelties and ideas everywhere. One last thing, never be afraid of playing an opening or gambit that leads to a position deemed unclear as sometimes there is always a possibility that the opening may be better than its reputation. Use any good material to learn openings, but I suggest checking all lines with an engine and by yourself before playing it. That way, you can avoid any unpleasant surprises by hanging a piece in the first 10 moves. I should know, I've done that a few times ;)

Best of luck!  

GM_Avetik Grigoryan

GM_Avetik Grigoryan 2 years ago

Hey Nykaj! Thanks for helping! 


JAIRUS JA 2 years ago