I need an advice :) Should we hire her? :)

In ChessMood all our new employees should also pass a test - survive 15 moves against Grandmaster ?

Lily survived 12 moves, shall we do an exception for her? ?


Jay Garrison

Jay Garrison 2 years ago


Did she show the right mood while playing? Did she keep the right mood while losing? If she did then make the exception! 

However, if she threw the king at you when she lost, what would she do if you didnt hire her? Better think long and hard about this :)


Rene de Wind

Rene de Wind 2 years ago

That's a very open question. I think that would depend on the way she played. Did she show initiative? Did she dare take a risk? Was she inventive or passive? Sometimes you can read someones character a little from the way he/she plays.

Maybe you publish the game, so members can judge for themselves.


JAIRUS JA 2 years ago

Giving another chance is appreciated....as we all make mistake....so let her try again...and see if she could survive....?

Jeffrey Cobb

Jeffrey Cobb 2 years ago

You should have let her play white

GM_Avetik Grigoryan

GM_Avetik Grigoryan 2 years ago

Hehehe :)))) 

I think we should

ChessMood 1 year ago

Ok, will do :) 
Akshita Singh

Akshita Singh 1 year ago

I think so too.  If she mostly made good moves in the game then yes.
Siddharth Jagadeesh

Siddharth Jagadeesh 1 year ago

Yeah. If she just blundered a mate in 1 from an equal position, she is just unlucky, and should be given another chance. If she played genuinely badly, she should be hired based on her personality/behavior after the loss.
Rob Dzedzic

Rob Dzedzic 1 year ago

everyone deserves a second chance :)

ChessMood 1 year ago

Haha :) Okay :)