Abhi yadav

Abhi yadav 1 month ago

My funniest Chess Dream!!!
My funniest dream!!!!
As I wrote several times that I am now in the condition to prepare for events due to lock down so all time chess events and thoughts about it moves in my mind.
Yesterday, I went to bed with again chess thoughts and moves in my mind. I saw a funny dream and I remember something about the position that I was playing black and I was super better. I had nice hanging pawn formation and active pieces and on the other hand white had no active pieces. At some point I was winning too. Then a strange thing I saw. It was me who was playing white. This make me feel funny during the dream too. I felt like I was black and now how can I became white player. But ok it was just a dream. Another thing I saw was a chess book in my hand during I was playing event. In the end I had pawn on g7 and I took 20 mins and then played pawn promotion because I was trying to find moves for my sides and then I realized that oh! is it a pawn on g7? Then I realized oh! yes it's a pawn so I can promoted it and I said g8=Q. Then he said ok find a new queen and I went to another board and took one queen After some moves he resigned. After resignation he said to me that may I call Arbiter. I said yes but I felt scared too because the book was in my hand. I thought he may claim that I used the book to win against him. But he had different thoughts in my mind. He told me that he will tell Arbiter that we pre-decided the result of the game and I was like when we did? I did not even know you. After that my mom asked me to wake up and I was happy that I won one rated game in my dream hehehe with many funny things.
Summery of my funny dream:
Don't use a chess book during you play hehehe.
Do not change the pieces like ok I will play white now or I will play black now hehehe.

My mom thinks I am super crazy because I think of chess all time. Even in past, when I had no time to study I was thinking of how to find time for study. I am glad now I have 8 more months to study chess and in this mean time I can improve!!!

What you think guys, why I see this kind of dreams? Is it something wrong in me?