MR N 10 months ago

Modern Pirc ---> Pirc transposition

I am not a PRO member now but I had watched the course previously when I was a PRO member. According to my files, I have a doubt. What do we do when Black plays 1.e4 d6 2.d4 g6 3.Nc3 Bg7 4.Be3 c6? I remember Avetik sir telling something like it transposes to the Pirc soon but what if Black delays Nf6 and plays b5 and Nd7? What is our setup here? Also, is it possible to play 5.g4?  Thanks in Advance!

Kevin D

Kevin D 10 months ago


Sorry to hear you are no longer a pro member, maybe sometime again in the future hopefully. The c6 Setups in the Modern have not yet been covered in the courses, but my formula for treating this variation is to shift gears by placing our Knight on f3, Queen on d2, intending to meet early b5's with Bd3 and Castles Kingside. In praxis the antidote I laid out has proven a very safe and effective way of dealing with a delayed Nf6 and early c6 in the Modern. The players to follow here are the British GM's Michael Adams; Mark Hebden; Joe Gallagher and John Emms each have played several Model Games in this structure and a careful study of their methods, especially Adams, will repay itself ten times over. 

By the way the White setup with Nc3, Nf3, Be3, Qd2, Bd3 is known as the 150 Attack in the UK, because players of this strength (UK 150 = ELO 1800) can easily play this position and get strong play without knowing any theory even against much higher rated opponents. 

Good luck and lots of success crushing the c6 Modern. :-)


MR N 10 months ago

Thanks a lot for your detailed reply, Kevin! I will certainly take a look at the setup you mentioned. Will there be an update to that course? I think it has been quite a long time since the courses were released right? Again, thanks a lot for your reply!!