Isaac Chiu

Isaac Chiu 1 month ago

maroczy questions

Hi GM Avetik,

I was checking out the Maroczy Bind course for black, and I really enjoy it!

I was just wondering though, you briefly look at 10 ♘c2 for white and some moves, but no illustrative games.  Yet Reference and Megabase show great scores for white, over 60%.  Do you have any illustrative games in this line or can you go into some more detail about the ♘c2 lines?  I like those positions for white, and it looks like it might give me some troubles with black.

Thanks a lot,
chewy (~2300 USCF)

ChessMood 1 month ago

You are right, Nc2 is the biggest challenge of Maroczy Bind. 
It's still playable but Black should play very precisely. 
We recommend Modern Maroczy course for 2200+ players. 
Check it out.