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ChessMood 4 months ago

Learn the Right Lessons From Your Mistakes
Hey Champions!

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If you have any questions, comments or you just liked it, feel free to share your thoughts here. 

Abhi yadav

Abhi yadav 4 months ago

What an amazing lesson coach. Yes I follow the same you mentioned. I analise my mistakes so well and I follow proper way to improve my skills. After I found you I learnt more about my past event mistakes. 

1. Tactics and visualisation issue iin last event.

2. A bit excitement in endgame due to winning position so I started to learn slow and steady games whenever I am winning. Good example of my slow play is Qc2N game. According to many strong players I missed early win. Yeah they are right but what I applied was super slow approach to win in a winning position because no one will give me 2 medals if I win one game. So slowly slowly I won a winning game and also applying this concept in online practice and improving.


3. Last event I had trouble in openings due to no time for prep so I know openings are also my mistakes so after I found your community I worked on my openings and in the starting phrase I only worked on ideas but now due to lock down I am working not only on ideas but also on variations.

4. Knowing lack of classics. Because of lack of knowledge of classics I missed wins a lot but after you taught me to work on classics I felt a rapid growth in my games. Even if I lose games they are always amazing games. I watch daily 5 games of chessmood and after that I will work on Saint Louis Chess Videos and once you will publish your planning and exchange courses I will work on them too.

So thanks to you. I am on right track and I follow my all mistakes. Yes in blitz I sometimes mess up lines but in classical if I studied any chessmood lines the chances are so low that I mess up . My middlegames are also improving especially middlegames based on bishop pair.

Ramón Jessurun

Ramón Jessurun 3 months ago

Thank you Maestro Avetik for this fantastic article. I am sure many other students, like me, can relate to this. For example, I remember "studying" the Sicilian Accelerated dragon for some time. I even got pretty excited when I managed to beat a local 2000+ chess hero in the final round of a blitz tournament (the only one I ever won). However, shortly thereafter, I lost a classical tournament game because of a few stupid decisions in the middle game, messing up a good position. I still kept playing the line, but then a stronger club player (2200) would totally crush me me with the morra gambit. So I said to myself: "f*ck this opening, let's try a different one." The same happened with my Benko as Black: some 2000+ player would decline the gambit, and I would be in unfamiliar territory. After losing a few more games, I just gave up on the Benko, and starting trying out other lines, etc. etc. I am happy to have found this great chess commmunity, and happy to have a great coach like yourself not only personally endorsing these openings, but also playing them live for all of us to see. I know now the chessmood openings are here to stay with me, and I will stick to this training plan no  matter what the results. 
GM_Avetik Grigoryan

GM_Avetik Grigoryan 3 months ago

Super, Ramon! 
Welcome to the team :)