Knight vs Bishop!

Hey Chessmood Family!

Many players state that bishops are stronger than knights, others have the opposite opinion.

What do you think which side is better and if there are some conditions?

Feel free to share your opinion and ask questions!

Brad Pevehouse

Brad Pevehouse 7 months ago

Knights for closed positions or attacking with Queen. Bishops in open or soon to be open positions with Queen’s off the board? That’s at least what I have heard.
GM Hovhannes Gabuzyan

GM Hovhannes Gabuzyan 7 months ago

Nice Answer! 

Partially I agree, especially that knights are great attackers in cooperation with a Queen.

What I can say also about bishops and queen pairs also, from distance together its also a great attacking power!

Giorgos Kechagias

Giorgos Kechagias 6 months ago

GM Gabuzyan, I believe that each piece has its pros and cons. For instance, bisgops are better in open positions and in the side that has space advantage, especially in the endgame, because they can move quickly from one to another edge of the board. On the other hand, knights are better in closed positions, such as stone wall formations, sice they are very useful for maneuvering. I have broken the chinese wall with 16 pawns on the board with my knights against a 1600 player once and managed to win the game, although a piece down. Personally, I like the knights more that the bishops because my opponents can't calculate my multiple attacks and knight moves so properly than the pins from the bishops! Anyway, I also like to checkmate both with knights and bishops :)