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ChessMood Family! 
Let's introduce ourselves so we know each other and keep growing together! 

1. About yourself
2. Your chess level
3. Your goal  

ARNAV maheshwari

ARNAV maheshwari 2 years ago

i am arnav age 12 ffrom india 

i am 1847 fide elo rating

my goal is to become 2200 in the end of 2020

Artrosman Djangologic

Artrosman Djangologic 2 years ago

I am Pascal age 61 from France

My Fide elo rating is 2216

My goal is to win 100 points every 100 games : so first step (Fide master)


Jay Garrison

Jay Garrison 2 years ago

Hello ChessMood family!

1. My name is Jay Garrison and I am 46 years old.

2. My current rating is 1724 USCF (1816 peak) and I am unrated with FIDE.

3. I will be the first amatuer over 40 to become a GM. Check out my facebook page @thechessambassador for the full story and to follow my progress! and throw me a like to the page while you are there :)

Brad Pevehouse

Brad Pevehouse 2 years ago

Brad Pevehouse from Texas USA

My online Elo ranges differently from site to site. I guess I'm about 1366 but it fluctuates wildly. So I really don't know. My goal is to reach 1600 standard rating by the end of this year and move toward my ultimate goal of 2000 and keep it there consistently. When I reach 2000 I will set a new goal. Hopefully I can do this in 2 yrs.

Guenter Rier

Guenter Rier 2 years ago

I am Guenter from Austria, 55 years, FIDE Rating 1959
Goal --> to develop from a good to a very good trainer ;-) 
and to look towards 2000 Elo


GM_Avetik Grigoryan

GM_Avetik Grigoryan 2 years ago

Mr. Guenter, welcome! 
Bhabatosh Chowdhury

Bhabatosh Chowdhury 2 years ago

Hi This is Bhabatosh Chowdhury , I am originally from India and lives in Chicago. 

My last known chess rating in USCF is 2016 ( 12 years ago ) , I dont have FIDE rating . 

I have very little tournament experience but make no mistake I am better than my rating , My goal is to improve my chess, I am not worried about Titles and rating . I love this game and want to improve as much as I could and this is my new start @41 . I strongly believe that success always follows hardwork , so rating/titles will come when it has to come.

Anastasios Koukas

Anastasios Koukas 2 years ago

Hello ChessMood Family ! I'm glad I found you. 

 I'm  from Athens Greece, age 20. 
My FIDE rating is around 1850 - online I am usually between 2000 -2100 . 
My goal is to one day acquire a FIDE title - I'm sure the stuff here will help me :)

GM_Avetik Grigoryan

GM_Avetik Grigoryan 2 years ago

You are welcome, Anastasios!