ChessMood 10 months ago

NEW ARTICLE: How You Can Find the Perfect Training/Sparring Partner (Part 2)

Hey Champions!

We have this topic in our Blog.
If you have any questions, comments or you just liked it, feel free to share your thoughts here. 


Inguh Kim

Inguh Kim 10 months ago

It sounds similar to finding a coach ;)
Vasanth Parthasarathy

Vasanth Parthasarathy 10 months ago

Is this a forum where I can ask people to be my partner?
Edo Tokyo

Edo Tokyo 10 months ago

Kourosh A

Kourosh A 10 months ago

GM Avetik,

I can adjust the strength of engine so It’ll not always beat me. This way I can make one of my sparring partners the engine. The good thing is that my engine partner is available anytime I wish

What do you think? Is it still a bad idea to have such a partner?


ChessMood 10 months ago

Yeah, still a bad idea :) 
Kourosh A

Kourosh A 10 months ago


I am not convinced by your short answer. I think playing against chess pieces is the right way to play chess, and not playing against human opponents and trying to crush their personality. In this regard chess engines are good partners. If you disagree, please give more detail. Thank you