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How to think in 3 0 blitz?

Generally I'll either run out of time, or make some dreadful moves, sometimes blunders at 3 0.

How to play well at this time control? How should thinking be organised? How to practise other than just play lots of games, and the usual (practise tactics, endgames, openings, strategy) to rely more on intuition than calculation.

Tom Lancia

Tom Lancia 3 days ago

I think this time control is bad for your chess.  Chessmood is right.  Play 5 3.  It is better for your chess.
David Flynn

David Flynn 3 days ago

I agree with 5 3 being better than 3 0, and I prefer longer time controls. The point is that I've never been good with fast blitz, but also 3 0 is great for trying out openings as you get through more games. So doing it better would be useful, but knowing how to handle it better might also help slower blitz because you have the discipline to move fast where needed, but now can add some extra calculation and planning on critical moves.