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How to overcome this :(

The happier this picture is, the more real and unbearable it is for me :( 

After a long laugh, I stopped for a moment and realized it is a huge problem that has to be solved.

Some winning games came to my mind which I missed because of this stupid reason. Once I had a rook, knight and 2 pawns against a single rook, and get checkmated. Can you imagine? :(

I hate when people gather around my board and I'm stressed for it :( 

I don't know how to overcome this. Are there any tips?

Is there anyone who has this problem or am I alone? :(


Kourosh A

Kourosh A 3 weeks ago

1- Play against pieces

2- Put ear plugs

3- Do not look around

the second one I liked more :D  
David Flynn

David Flynn 3 weeks ago

Didn't the Russians train with distractions? I'm sure I've heard stories of players having smoke blown at them (not good for the health mind you). Perhaps practise analysing or playing friendlies with distractions to work on them not interfering so much with your focus, different music, sometimes loud, TV particularly something you like, have someone come and constantly distract you. Try walking away mid flow then trying to get back to where you were. Get someone to trash talk while you play them.

I think my problem isn't about distraction but it's something psychological :(

anyway, thanks for the reply! :)

WIM_Susanna Gaboyan

WIM_Susanna Gaboyan 3 weeks ago

you're not alone! you're not alone! you're not alone! ))

It's really annoying especially when you know that they want you to lose lol.

super similarity :D
Inguh Kim

Inguh Kim 2 weeks ago

I can definitely symphathize. But I am sure there are ways you can train psychology in day to day life, e.g focusing on a deep breath when stressed, or simply be aware of the feeling of what your inner state is. 

There is a difference between being aware while stressed, and being overcome by stress.

Khokan De

Khokan De 2 weeks ago

If l see someone looking at my game who is a friend of mine. I say "Shoo-go away" If a honourable person is seeing i drink enough water
Giorgos Kechagias

Giorgos Kechagias 2 weeks ago

Get sunglasses like Kortschnoi and be sure that they activate colors when they shine!

Khokan De

Khokan De 1 week ago

Like this

hahahahahah this is the best idea :D