How to Follow Modern Events

I was thinking about what is the more effective way to follow modern games. I was reading an article of Ding in which he said after breakfast he likes to follow latest games on chessabase to see if there is any new idea or interesting positions. I like that but I wanna know what is the most effective way to follow latest games . 

From latest ongoing games we find many things like:

1, Trending lines and new ideas in various openings.

2. Many cool middlegames concepts 

3. After sometimes instructive endgames.

So, it takes a lot time to follow games as I am an intermediate player not a master.  Games are also more than 50 everyday.  I also heard once that Tal was following more than 100 games in a day. I forgot where I read but I read it. 

My current request is to make an article about it or give nice detailed idea about " How to follow Modern on going Tournaments"

Robert J.

Robert J. 3 days ago

Depending on whether you want to follow them live or you are more interested in places where you can get the best post game analysis.
Abhi yadav

Abhi yadav 3 days ago

well I am saying about application. May be u misunderstood.

Ego Sum

Ego Sum 3 days ago

Hello Abhi,

Do you know the mobile application FollowChess? This is a great app and could correspond with your expectations :)

Abhi yadav

Abhi yadav 3 days ago

I use follow chess application. But issue is it's time consuming so i wanna know short and smart way to work on modern games.

David Flynn

David Flynn 3 days ago

How to get the most out of games whether they are the latest or in a book/course is a wider topic with overlaps and could do with an article.

It's easy to play through or concentrate so much on making the moves / reading the commentary that you don't get so much from it. Trying to play guess the move (a standard suggestion) usually takes too much time.

One thing I did read was from a player that just looks to the positions that are commented or having analysis as the interesting bits.

A trick I do is find a position in the game I do understand and work backwards with an engine to understand a more complicated position earlier.