Guidance For Chess Improvement

My Name is Shlok Mali. Birth Year is 2012. 

Daily How Many Hours I have to Do practice ? Which Types of Study I have to do ?

Guide me to Improve my Chess Games.

Ranveer m

Ranveer m 5 days ago

Hi Shlok,
Based on my experience, everyone has different things they need to work on depending on the time that they can devote to chess. 
There's no one sure shot answer. 
David Flynn

David Flynn 5 days ago

I think for the reasons stated you should arrange to talk to with a coach with your parents present. I'm sure the GMs here have had that conversation many times before and could advise you better than I can.

As much as I don't want to dampen any dreams of being a top player, there are so many up and coming talented players, and only a few will make it. Thus unless exceptional talent is displayed you will need to balance it properly with your education. That way if the chess doesn't work out, you still have a career to fall back on.

David Flynn

David Flynn 5 days ago

Ps. We have a strong junior in the city I live in who is an FM (whom I expect will make GM in a few years), he has home schooling so as to balance his potential chess career with his education. That isn't a good option for many though.