Gratefull with ChessMood Family, Love the process!

Hey to all chessmood family, i just want to share with you some of my homework since one month on working with the courses, I want to recognize that my english writting is not the best but Coach Avetik ask me to share with you all this training method to improve. 

I just started training with chesstempo app, and playing more seriously on the web, i have a routine of hours per day with the clasical game and the repertoire plan that GM Avetik gave me when we start, so this is my litle progress that im proud to share.

Im so thankfull with the chessmood Family for being such good group of learning, and specially with GM Avetik that he is allways with the best wat to treat students. 

I use Excell, chesstempo and play (not much playing because im starting the courses and its more studying) but taking serious the process, with discipline, effort and the best right mood i want better results with next months,  

Im Heinichess in Lichess, and HeinichessPY, ill be glad to have new friends and play more games. 


Tomboy Web

Tomboy Web 1 month ago

Really helpful! Thank you for sharing!

After spending some hours studying the theory I have come to the conclusion that if I haven't sacrificed a pawn in the first moves, or a piece, even the queen, then I probably don't remember the variation correctly  :D

Matt H

Matt H 1 month ago

Your tactics on chesstempo is impressive too :) 
GM_Avetik Grigoryan

GM_Avetik Grigoryan 1 month ago

Hey John! 
Thank you very much John for sharing it. 
I bet it should be super useful for our other Family Members
ARNAV maheshwari

ARNAV maheshwari 1 month ago

Hello sir i am new to chesstempo where we should do tactics and should we buy membership to do it?
Abhi yadav

Abhi yadav 1 month ago

Woah, nice improvement. Good luck sir!!

Ovi S

Ovi S 1 month ago

Thank for sharing your study plan John and great results! Do you have a daily routine/plan you like to follow ?
John Derek Heinichen

John Derek Heinichen 1 month ago

Hellow Ovi! I do 30 min on chesstempo normal exercises or somedays one hour it dependes on the mood, then the clasical comented game and finally the courses of the repertoire, first i watch the videos and then i get the hole analisis on a chess database, so i used very much chessbase. 

And then the funy part when i play with the line of the courses y try to see with engine the mistakes, i think in a couple of months will be better because im not even halfway with courses. 

Of course im just starting but i feel good sharing with all you this kind of stuff. 

Ovi S

Ovi S 1 month ago

Thank you for sharing your plan, looks like it works! Do you prefer chess tempo over say chess.com or lichess problems/puzzles?
John Derek Heinichen

John Derek Heinichen 1 month ago

I use chesstempo cause it was Avetik instruccion, and the problems in the hard level they are complicated, very good por hardwork training. But any page of tactics its good enough i like it both aniways
Ovi S

Ovi S 1 month ago

Sounds good, thanks!