Abhi yadav

Abhi yadav 2 weeks ago

~Goals 2022~

I just thought that it will be wonderful to know goals of chessmood family members. So share your goals!

~~ Good day ~~


David Flynn

David Flynn 2 weeks ago

I think I'm playing at the 2000 level now, so the aim is to play consistently 2100 or 2150. A lot depends on how busy I am with work. Hopefully I believe I have enough to get off the sub-2000 plateau rating wise, but there is another one at 2200 and getting any opponents at that strength and beyond requires time out to play in longer tournaments which is incompatible with work and potentially Covid still.

Ego Sum

Ego Sum 1 week ago

Hello :)

I would like to:

- Be done with all the books I planned to read/work with.

- Work on my emotions (related to chess)

- Have a complete repertoire for White and Black (until now I mainly worked on middlegame and endgame and was not very serious with openings)