GMs check best games of month?

I am curious to know who check best games of month? The reason I asked this is because one of my teammate crushed an IM in a national event and the checkers did not even liked his game. His game was full of quality. 

Let me show his game.


He crushed a leading expert of caro. IM was so shocked when my teammate blitz out opening till move 17. It was cm line and some analysis later by him also .

Note: I am not saying he should get prize. But if a 1600 fide is crushing 2400 then atleast he deserve a like from cm mentors as appreciation. 


This was the event link

David Flynn

David Flynn 1 week ago

It's opaque I agree. Would be useful to publish the criteria or open it up to a larger audience, maybe as part of an event as I've already suggested. Otherwise when available time gets tight does judging suffer, who would know?