Game 67 "Long Term Compensation"

White to move, the knight is attacked, where to go? 


Jay Garrison

Jay Garrison 2 years ago


My first thought was to play e5 and counter attack his knight, but after looking at a few lines, it didnt work out well for me. So I started looking at knight moves. Retreating the knightto a2 or b1  looks bad. e2 hangs the e4 pawn. So then I looked at b5, but after axb5, Nxb5 Qc6 giving my opponent full compensation for my sacrifice :/...

So through process of elimination, I looked at Nd5! 1. Nd5, exd5 2. exd5+, Be7 3. Nf5 and thing might get uncomfortable for my opponents king.

Full disclosure: I have heard in the past Nd5 is an idea used against the Najdorf and other Sicilian set ups, so I didnt spend long on the other moves.