From 1600 to 2400 in chess.com

Hey Champions! 

As most of our ChessMood Family members are from 1600 to 2400 levels, I decided to make a streaming series of getting from 1600 to 2400  in chess.com

I've created a new nickname and together we'll pass the journey, exploiting weak points of 1600-2400 players.

During all the journey, I'm going to use only ChessMood openings, so you can see how amazingly they work and how many games I'll win (or at least get winning positions) right in the opening, without doing any moves with my brain, but just copying the moves from the courses.

Also, you'll see how to punish opponents' mistakes in the openings, how to take the initiative playing with Black pieces, what's the Grandmasters' thinking process, and much more...
Overall it will help you very much with raising your own rating.

If you still think of becoming a PRO Member and get access to all the courses and all our events, but haven't decided yet, this is a perfect time.

Today (25.06) it will be an open event, so you can participate and see what's going on there, how useful these events are and how much fun we have together at the same time.

In the link below you can reserve your seat and see the starting time of the event, based on your location.  

And here is the link of the event:

Looking forward to seeing you in a few hours. 

It's time to not just raise your rating but raise it explosively.

amit mishra

amit mishra 2 weeks ago

I enjoyed & very instructive today's event.Can you please share pgn of games played today's event?
Abhi yadav

Abhi yadav 2 weeks ago

go to chess.com and the profile of mentor and you will find all the games
amit mishra

amit mishra 2 weeks ago

Thanks Abhi
Jyotisko Sengupta

Jyotisko Sengupta 2 weeks ago

A great stream! I enjoyed it a lot! What a great parrot you have sir, so good!
GM_Avetik Grigoryan

GM_Avetik Grigoryan 1 week ago

Hehe :) I'll teach him to play chess soon :D