Since I am new I have some doubts.Would be happy if you all cleared them:)

Firstly, I would like to know if we become a pro member do we have to still pay for the courses or all the courses are for free once we become a pro member?
Secondly, what what are the benefits for a PRO member.Like we have streams, webinars and 1 to 1 class.And the 1 to 1 class happens on Skype?And what about the courses?And lastly can we have a 1 month free trial PRO Member Subscription?If not 1 month then 1 week at least?
And, 1 whole course= roughly how many coins? and And what is the duration of 1 to 1 class?
And in the 1 to 1 class who will teach us and will they teach us or we will instruct them?


ChessMood 1 week ago

Hi Shona. 

1. You get unlimited access to the courses when you are a PRO Member. 
2. Calls are on skype. All members get a 15 min short call with a GM to get a personalized study plan, when they joined ChessMood PRO.  (it's once, when you join, not every month. If you want 1-1 lessons with coaches, please write to our support team at contact@chessmood.com) 
3. We have a 30-day money-back guarantee. So if somehow you don't like anything, you can ask for a refund.  

Shona Shona

Shona Shona 1 week ago

So the class on Skype won't be of 1hr or 2hr?

And what will they give on 1 to 1 class


ChessMood 1 week ago

Shona, it's clearly written - personalized study plan.