doubt in scandinavian

sir after 1.e4 d5 2.nf3..qd8 or qa5 etc  lines are not covered in the course i dont think these lines are critical and it is very rare but i checked some lines with stockfish the arising positions and pawn structures are very different and has some independent value , if u make a brief video how to handle these positions that would be great sir . thank you

Mogens Nielsen

Mogens Nielsen 1 week ago


Hi kushal chess

We play 4.Na3 against 3...Qa5. This is mentioned in section 8, video 46, Conclusion of 2...Qxd5

kushal chess

kushal chess 1 week ago

tq for the reply what if 3..qd8

ChessMood 1 week ago

If Qd8, you just do d4,c4. 
The philosophy was explained. 
This is all idea of 3.Nf3. To play d4,c4. 
It's important to understand the ideas. 
Then you'll come up with right moves, when opponent plays something strange. 
kushal chess

kushal chess 1 week ago

after the post in all games i faced qa5 after nf3