Decorative chess set advice for GF

Okay, I think I finally figured out what I want to get my girlfriend for x-mas.

I'd love to get her a nice glass chess set, but I don't know if my budget allows for that.
I'm looking to spend $80-100 on one, maybe a bit more.

Since she is fan of some mystery kind content (Game of Thrones series, Dragon Age game), will it be nice to present 
https://recroompick.com/best-chess-sets/#product2 a chessboard themed in dragons style? Any opinions?

Thanks, folks!!

Jay Garrison

Jay Garrison 2 years ago


First off, if your GF is a chess lover, she is going to appreciate any set you get for her. She is going to like it even more with the amount of effort you give to personalize it for her.

However, I have a couple concerns for you. Concern number one: If she were truly a chess lover, then the best gift you could give her is ChessMood! Concern number 2: If she is a chess lover, why is she not already a member of ChessMood? Concern number 3: If she is already a member of ChessMood, then she is already reading your post and knows what her gift will be! 

All kidding aside, just get her something from the heart and you wont go wrong!

Good luck!

Brad Pevehouse

Brad Pevehouse 2 years ago

All I could find was the same set you posted. I have seen another that wasn’t glass but I couldn’t find it.