Day puzzle

Very instructive today! (I didn't solved it by the way...)

Thought I had to go 4 mate cause pieces were too far...but...

Claudio Thoux

Claudio Thoux 6 months ago

16 july 

Difficult one but 4 the 1st time I solved it!yesssss! 

Claudio Thoux

Claudio Thoux 5 months ago

August 15

Very nice one and very glad I solved it! Impressive Knight power! 

Claudio Thoux

Claudio Thoux 3 months ago

28 September 21

Tricky one today... pay attention till the end...

Nils Philipp

Nils Philipp 3 months ago

Yes. It really took me some time to realize why my solution was wrong (and not realizing what the mistake was, I looked for an even better result - that was not there). Then I saw my mistake and the solution was easy. Nice one.