Colorado gambit

Hi.. I need a help

Could u suggest a line against Colorado gambit. 

I need lines against 

1.e4 Nc6


1.d4 Nc6

Kevin D

Kevin D 2 years ago

1) Against the Colorado Gambit just play the Krogius Counter Gambit.

2) Against 1.e4 Nc6 play d4 with a nice space advantage.

3) Against 1.d4 Nc6 play e4 with a nice space advantage.

Lines 2 and 3 are efficient timesavers for White. :)


Ratheesh PK

Ratheesh PK 2 years ago

I could not find out Krogius Counter Gambit even in Google. Where I can get it☺
Kevin D

Kevin D 2 years ago

Krogius Counter Gambit was a joke. I wanted to convey some of the frustration when posters just provide names rather than moves, particularly when discussing obscure Opening or Gambit lines. It's bad form to assume a reader automatically knows what you're talking about when you drop a name and force him or her to google it to find out.  
GM_Avetik Grigoryan

GM_Avetik Grigoryan 2 years ago

Kevin :D 
I was confused what is Colorado Gambit and Krogius Counter Gambit :D :D :D