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Rajesh H

Rajesh H 2 weeks ago

Chessmood.com puzzles

Why chessmood.com daily puzzles are so difficult? I can't solve even one of them so far.

David Flynn

David Flynn 2 weeks ago

Look at it another way. Can you understand why you couldn't see the solution, learn the concept, and/or 'solve' the position a few moves later? Puzzles usually are meant to be challenging and easier to see if you've seen something similar before, so more experience means more puzzles become solvable.
Robert J.

Robert J. 2 weeks ago

Based on my experience I find the Chess Mood puzzles just at the right level of difficulty. Most of them I can solve, but sometimes I get tricked and I miss a less obvious move.

As David said, the more you solve them the easier they get. Sometimes, when you see the name of the puzzle author you already know what kind of tricks are more likely.

Now, if you haven't yet solved any puzzle, you may need to try harder. At the end, if you solve a puzzle by yourself after 1 hour or 2 hours, your satisfaction will be greater that from somebody else who solved it in 5 minutes.

And very soon you will be able to solve more  puzzles and faster.

How much is your rating?
Robert J.

Robert J. 2 weeks ago

Many, many years ago I had a national rating (Slovenia) around 2150, which translated into Candidate Master title. At that time you would get FIDE rating starting from FIDE Master title and above. After many years away from chess, I only restarted playing recently in France where I currently live. I am slowly working up to get the official FIDE rating to my old level.  It will take time. Only this year I managed to get 9 classical games registered and got my first official rating at 1783. What is my real strength is a question mark. In rapid tournaments that I have played in France I have won against several FMs, and few IMs but not yet against a GM. This could also be due that they have underestimated me :)
I see. You should solve easier puzzles for now, maybe from the books..
Robert J.

Robert J. 1 week ago

Frankie was working on his candidate moves and had trouble calculating a combination. "Coach! This is so tough. I can't see beyond my second move. Why do I need to torture my brain like this? I give up! Show me the right move."

Coach Mesgen replied, "Rurr-bish! You need to fo-cus. You can do it. Okay, I tell you what, just stare at c1 square for next fo-ur mi-nutes. Do not give up! It will co-me to you."

Frankie stared at the c1 square for four minutes. To his utter surprise, he found that for the first time in his life, he could calculate very deeply like a Grandmaster. Yes! The combination was now crystal clear. Problem solved.

"Coach! That worked! But how? Why??"

Coach Mesgen said "Sim-ple. If you c1, you have se-en them all."

David Flynn

David Flynn 1 week ago