Chessmood for beginners/post-beginners?


I'm new to Chessmood, and have picked up chess after a long time away.  I'm rated about 1000 on chess.com (Timmer23) right now, and 1400 provisionally on lichess (tkaufmann60).  I've started playing the London and Pirc, to simplify the openings.  I'm confused about Chessmood, because it seems built for higher rated players.  Am I wrong, or is Chessmood right for someone at my level, as an adult improver?

Thank you,


Sriram M

Sriram M 6 months ago

Chessmood is for all who want to improve their game. Best way is to proceed with a few of the courses, try the lines in your online games. Fix the mistakes and slowly you will be able to notice the improvement.
Giorgos Kechagias

Giorgos Kechagias 6 months ago

Hello Timothy, I have to say that the openings that chessmood offers are these, with which you can improve faster than by playing any other opening in 1000-2200 rating range. In addition, as london is a system, it does not offer you the required variety of positions in which you must learn to play. To make it clear,  you need to be able to perform good in a wide range of positions if you want to improve really fast. Take the starter course for white, watch it carefully, together with the free videos in Scotch and Antisicilian, and I am sure you will experience a constant growth in your chess. I am here for any questions and glad to provide you with a piece of advice, Giorgos.