ChessMood Family, need your opinion

Hey ChessMood Family! 
I have one good news, and I would like to hear your thoughts and recommendations. 

We' are going to add two courses. 

1. About planning in chess. How to find a correct plan? How to process it? 
It will be around 14 sections, more than 20 hours! 


2. About exchanging the pieces. 

What are the reasons to exchange a piece? There are more than 20 reasons, like "Exchanging the defender", "Exchanging opponent's active piece", "Exchanging for square" and others. 

Both will be big courses (more than 20 hours!) 
Last months we have spent lots of time searching for material and finding the best examples. 
You'll be amazed by the courses... 

Now I need your thoughts. How to name the courses? :) 

Something like "Art of Exchanging" or "Art of Planning in chess?" 
Maybe Science of ... 

What do you think? 
Your thoughts are very valuable to us. 
Just share them :) 

Kevin D

Kevin D 8 months ago

I think you are spreading yourself too thin Coach. Finish the Opening Series first, don't leave too many loose ends undone. Pirc is finished, but Modern and Pirc go hand in hand so I think that the Modern ( Robatsch Defence) should be the next logical project, further reinforcing all those nice attacking ideas you taught us in the Pirc Course.
GM_Avetik Grigoryan

GM_Avetik Grigoryan 8 months ago

Thanks for your opinion, Kevin. 
We are filling all the gaps and adding what our students are missing in their chess growth. 

Rod Villa

Rod Villa 7 months ago

Dont forget to include the Alekhine Opening!
Giorgos Kechagias

Giorgos Kechagias 8 months ago

The Art of Exchanging is a good title. Maybe " Right mindset planning" for the second? But you also need to add some more opening courses for black, and get back the Najdorf variation. I also prefer Scheveninngen variation against classical Sicilian, but the material and variation are long, deep  and hard to learn for the average player. Finally, will these courses be only for pro or will there be unlocked videos and how many moodcoins will they be worth?
Jyotisko Sengupta

Jyotisko Sengupta 8 months ago

Not sure about the title but I think-1."The art of planning in chess "and 2."The art of exchanging the right pieces"  are good titles. I think these titles would be good enough because of the quality of the material would be promising and useful. Don't judge a book by its cover. For me, the content is more important than the title :).
Aayush Shirodkar

Aayush Shirodkar 8 months ago

 I Think The Name Should Be Like

For Exchange ---- "The Beauty Of Exchanges"

and For Planning --------" The Secret Of Planning"

Just idea! 

Abhi yadav

Abhi yadav 8 months ago

I am simple so my words are simple.  

Arts of planning:

Art of exchanges.

But if you seriously wanna rank your keyword then go there and search there keywords that are less competitive. Try this!!


Papa Tactics

Papa Tactics 8 months ago

Great news coach! I think these courses will add a lot of value for Chessmood members. It is becoming a one stop shop for chess improvement! I am looking forward to the courses.

I agree with Abhi - I like "The Art of...". For exchanges maybe even The Skill of Exchanging in Chess.

Jay Garrison

Jay Garrison 8 months ago

Both 'The art of Exchanges' (A course by GM Boris Avrukh on Modern Chess) and "Art of planning" ( A 2006 book by Neil McDonald) are already title that have been used. While I am sure you could use them as well, I have a feeling you are looking for inspiration on a unique title for these courses.

Here are my ideas, and I hope you are able to use them to help you find the titles you are looking for!

1. Plan to win the ChessMood way!

2. Know your 'why' when trading!

These are just off the top of my head, and I will post an update here when I think of more, as I am sure my subconscious will continue to think about this :) 

GM_Avetik Grigoryan

GM_Avetik Grigoryan 8 months ago

Hehe :) 
GM_Avetik Grigoryan

GM_Avetik Grigoryan 8 months ago

Thanks guys, for all your ideas! 
Abhi yadav

Abhi yadav 8 months ago

your welcome coach 
Kevin H

Kevin H 7 months ago

ChessMood's Art of Planning?
An Illusion

An Illusion 7 months ago

Finding the Correct Plan would work for me.
Rod Villa

Rod Villa 7 months ago

Plans and Exchanges in Chessmood Ways!

Plans and Exchanges in Avetik Ways!

GM_Avetik Grigoryan

GM_Avetik Grigoryan 7 months ago

@rod hahaha 
Jyotisko Sengupta

Jyotisko Sengupta 7 months ago

Avetik sir I have another opinion to improve the website!

I think the website should update quotes by great chess player and successful people so that we can always stay motivated and make the right moves in life and in chess in the right mood

ARNAV maheshwari

ARNAV maheshwari 7 months ago

Many of are talking something different please read the post our sir is asking only name as a suggestion now what you want as they are improving the website but he also have a personal life and more students and as well they have started just now so be patient i hope i didnt say anything wrong
skipper chess

skipper chess 7 months ago

I think you should make  endgame courses! you have opening but no endgame! endgame is more important! If you get an advantage in the opening( LETS say, pawn advantage) and then when you reach the endgame your advantage of the pawn is of know use if you don't know how to convert it!
Jyotisko Sengupta

Jyotisko Sengupta 7 months ago

When are the courses coming :)
Ovi S

Ovi S 7 months ago

I think that since you're doing the hard work of creating the plans and studies, your name deserves to be there. Who knows, they might even become legendary in the future when people realize their value?!

Hence The Avetik Right Mood, Right Plan and

               The Avetik Right Mood, Right Exchange

sound like decent names to me....