I have chessbase 15 and I want to train openings... how do I do this I have chess openings wizard which is really good but I paid for chessbase and I want to use it at full potential. This book is really helpful


but it doesn’t have what I’m looking for and it looks like chessbase can’t do what Opening wizard can do so I recommend 


Ok so chess base has a training feature here is a demo of how to set it. 



Kevin H

Kevin H 2 years ago

Read the Chessbase manual 
Kevin H

Kevin H 2 years ago

I have. It’s pretty easy compared other manuals due to these pictures. Skip the part you are uninterested in.
Bhabatosh Chowdhury

Bhabatosh Chowdhury 2 years ago

We use chessbase to prepare databases , edit them , create opening repertoire . Here is the section how to do that . 

http://help.chessbase.com/CBase/15/Eng/index.html?000001.htm .  With chessbase you can practice opening stuff using chessbase web app . So what you would do is Open any game in the line you want to practice in chessbase , then click on Training --> Openings App  . That will load your current game in PC in a Chessbase web browser. make sure to create a Chessbase web a/c , so whatever work you do in webapp gets stored for future use . Once you load the game in browser you will find all the options you are looking for .

The specific feature you are looking for to train with a specific opening line in your desktop ( not web browser )  is probably part of Fritz 12 and onwards , or Chessbase other CHESS PLAYING product .  Here is a sample training video how to do it in fritz in your desktop.


Kevin H

Kevin H 2 years ago

After watching the video on Opening Chess Wizard. I still don't understand what's so special about that program. You can just create an opening PGN on the opening you wish to play and that's about all you need for opening preparation. :)

You can use Online Database and Reference Database to help find the best moves in a certain position. I would also like to add that if you want to memorize a certain opening repertoire, Chessbase Web has a certain feature to help you with that and so does chessable.com and chesstempo.com