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Chess players who didn't manage to become World Champion

ChessMood Family, what do you think who were the players who played very strong chess in their time, but failed to become a World Champion and why?
For example, Morphy, Rubinstein, Keres, Leko...  

Papa Tactics

Papa Tactics 1 year ago

Avetik Grigroyan, because he turned to coaching. haha jokes... Yes I think the names many mention are Keres, Korchnoi, and Rubinstein. Bronstein and Leko were on the cusp... very close in their matches. As to why, I am not knowledgeable enough to say whether it was something in their chess, mentality, circumstances etc. Interestingly, it seems Geller has a plus score against many of the world champions individually.. but of course this is different than going through the world champ cycle and matches.
GM_Avetik Grigoryan

GM_Avetik Grigoryan 1 year ago

Jay Garrison

Jay Garrison 1 year ago

The first player that comes to mind is Korchnoi. Soon after that are the ones you mentioned: Keres and Rubinstein. I think we can add Pillsbury to this list as well.