Chess improving 1400-1800

Hi Chess Moods!

My rating (5 minute blitz) has been 1300-1500 all year, despite me trying hard to improve my chess play. Why? Well I have thought about this today and think I have the answer & sharing it might help others at my level here to improve, hopefully it will! Here goes...

At the start of this year, I remember watching GM Hikaru Nakamura playing on his Twitch chess stream and someone in chat asked how to improve to 1800 rating and he replied to do this by getting better at openings & tactics!  What fine advice!

So, this year, I have studied a ton of chess openings, with my online coach and by myself and now with the excellent Chess Mood repertoires! I now have such broad opening knowledge ! I have to admit though, I have only done a little on tactics practice (limited to a few daily puzzles usually) and I know I should do more (so I will try & do that also!).

However, the point of this post, is to state that at my low level, I have many other chess playing weaknesses and in general, openings and tactics, are not my main specific chess playing problems.

I also firmly believe it is possible to get to 1800 with a good basic understanding and application of basic opening, mid and end game principles.

In fact, most of my games show my opening play is reasonable and that my main specific problems are that I am weak in mid and endgame play, generally and specifically! There is so much general chess advice available online these days, it is impossible to learn from it all and trying to do so can bog & slow you down, when you would be better learning specific knowledge that applies to the strengths & weaknesses of your own game.

So, from now on, I intend to concentrate on understanding, studying and playing a narrower opening repertoire for both colours, with special emphasis on improving the mid and end games that arise from this more refined, narrower opening repertoire! That is my plan to smash my chess improving for next year! If this applies at all or partly with your chess studying and improving, then I hope my post will help you to think about and find your specific strengths & weaknesses and that you can work on improving too (& with me if you want!).

Happy chess play, study and chess improving all!

GM_Avetik Grigoryan

GM_Avetik Grigoryan 1 year ago

Hey Richard! Thank you for your post and for providing help to others.
I believe the easiest way is to install in our mind new information. New useful information! 
Openings (not going very-very deep before 2200 level) and learning chess classics. 
I hope you are watching our Commented Classical games course and soon you will feel the difference how easier chess became :)