Chess improvement

Hello Good morning friends my chess.com rapid time control rating is 1754, my aim is cross 2000 rating barrier at end 2021, I usually invest around 7hrs per week for chess, I am not making any serious mistakes in opening but  let say after 15 or 20 moves i am not able to make a plan and do some serious mistakes and also i am very weak in analysing my game or any masters games. So how can i improve my level of middlegame and how can i improve in analysing my own games?  Please suggest in best possible way. 

Thank you

Giorgos Kechagias

Giorgos Kechagias 10 months ago

I was also under the same problem before two years. It would be very useful to watch the courses of the commented classical games or endgames, which not have only perfect commentary, but also complicated plans that my opponents do not even know about. You can also watch the other middlegame courses if you are a pro member and if you are not, it is really worth your while. Some puzzles or compositions of the middlegame and endgame phase, which are categorized in chess.com and lichess may also help. I hope I tried to give you some good suggestions.
Prashant Joshi

Prashant Joshi 10 months ago

Thank you Giorgos for your useful suggestions. Can you became my spaaring partner? What is your fide rating and online rating? 
Giorgos Kechagias

Giorgos Kechagias 10 months ago

Ι am not FIDE rated but my online rapid rating is around 1900 and my blitz rating around 1950 on lichess, 1840 and 1790 on chess.com respectively. Write me your ids and we can follow and challenge each other. I am giorgoskehagias509 on lichess, Giorgos_Kechagias on chess.com. Located in GMT+2 time, Greece.