Chess Goals 2022
Lets share our chess goals of 2022
Vedant Garg

Vedant Garg 2 days ago

My Goals of 2022

  • Improving the quality of my study time: use this year to really understand how I can learn the most and how I can use the knowledge in practice.
  • Create a 1e4 repertoire from white, get better at defensive skills and other middlegame themes in which I am weak and get better at complex endings like Q+R v/s Q+R or Queen Endings.
  • Jan- Play 3-4 classical tmts.
  • Feb to Apr-Deep study of the games and improve my chess
  • May to July- Play as many tmts as much possible.
  • August- A break from chess.
  • Sep to Oct- Deep study of the games and improve my chess
  • Nov- Play 3-4 tmts
  • Dec- Analysis of my games and a little break.