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Abhi yadav

Abhi yadav 3 weeks ago

Blog request

Coach kindly made a good article about what is chess?

The reason behind this request is as you know my grop @chesslectures. Most people are beginners and they think chess is a game of tricks, traps, luck. I tried my best to write an article about chess is a game based on strategy and there I wrote study plan fom beginners to 1600 level but I think if you make an article whenever u will find time in chessmood community then it will be like a boom for all beginners and they will listen your advice and give more value to it.

Even though I do study wiith WCM and I studied with my coach and I have a lot experience in how beginners and intermediate players make mistakes in their study but still rating matters. I am 1465, mmost people ignore my article even if I guide them right. They think hey man, you are 1465 , go learn first then teach. I think they are half right and half wrong. Half right is yes I need to learn a lot still but half wrong because they do not know my experience in the field of research. I done a lot analysis in past about how to improve in chess but issue is I done research late. It's because in past we had speed of 10kb/s.

Just hoping to help misguided beginners. I hope one day you will find time for article too.

Thanks for your support.