Best rating increase after single game(+186)

I just finished a 3 day team match at chess.com and won (after my opponent resigned) and my rating went from 1429 to 1615 (+186).

The game opening was a Sicilian and playing Black I chose to play the Sicilian Hyperaccelerated Dragon, an opening that is pretty new to me and that I know next to nothing about! I played it as I know my coach plays Sicilian as Black but she actually plays her own version of Sicilian Accelerated Dragon and I believe there is quite a difference between both these two openings?

I too need also to learn the Chess Mood Accelerated Dragon opening, but I was happy to do so well with an opening I know virtually nothing about! Now I am keen to learn this Sicilian Hyperaccelerated Dragon, as imagine how good it could be if I actually knew some theory of it!?

Well, that was the biggest rating increase I think I have ever had (+186) from a single game win. Anyone done any better?


Brad Pevehouse

Brad Pevehouse 1 year ago

That’s strange. I beat people over 300 rating points above me and never had any increase as huge as that. But congratulations however you did that.
Slobo Janjić

Slobo Janjić 1 year ago

Well, I did play bullet recently and after the win, my rating went +210, but thas because I don't play bullet often.
GM_Avetik Grigoryan

GM_Avetik Grigoryan 1 year ago

Was it a new nickname? 
Because chess.com at first gives and takes from you much, and then max. 10 points. 
Slobo Janjić

Slobo Janjić 1 year ago

Well, it gives many points in time controls you have not recently played. When you start you have 0 games in total, so it gives you a lot of points whatever you play. More you play, smaller are gains.