Abhi yadav

Abhi yadav 4 months ago

Best Endgame Classical Player?

In past I  was in stream of Coach Avetik Grigoryan and he asked a question to all of us about a position. It was like Capa endgame position. When I answered then he said good job and then he revealed that when he was analyzing games for endgame course then he found that Alekhine was also superb in endgame skills. But we all know him as attacking player. So it was strange thing for me. How many of you knows about amazing endgames of Alekhine? Do you guys have any endgame collections of Alekhine or some of his amazing endgames  in which he showed class!

Tom Lancia

Tom Lancia 4 months ago

I would look at Alekhine’s My Best Games.  Iirc, it has an endgame section.