Benko Gambit is alive!

Many people think that Benko Gambit is a bad opening, especially because of 12.a4 line.
But we have 11...Qb6 improvement! 

Today I just played an excited game with that move. 
Nice one yes? :) 

The whole course is here: https://chessmood.com/course/benko-gambit

To crush with ChessMood openings or to be crushed- it's a choice :) 

Giorgos Kechagias

Giorgos Kechagias 2 years ago

Generally I like wild and complex positions, which require confidence and huge calculations. That's why I like to play benko gambit with black. As a refered previously in the f pawn conversation, I like to play king's gambit and bird opening with the white pieces. Qb6 is a very interesting continuation; I will try it. I have also studied the free part of the course 1 week ago. It is the first whole course I will unlock with moodcoins for black.