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Benko Gambit Declined best games (Coach Avetik)

Hi GM Avetik

I am going over Benko Gambit opening, but I still have a hole/gap in my understanding and database where your best Benko Gambit Declined games are still missing!

Remember, I asked for your best Benko Gambit Declined games quite some while ago and you said you would look a few up for me? How did that go? Did you find or play some Benko Declined games? I hope you did and can post one or two  of them for me to learn from!  Also, of course, these would be useful for everyone!

Alright, I look forward to any help you can give on this and I also look forward to doing the Chess Mood Benko course more fully now. COGRO!

Right mood, right move & no hoodie blunders!

Many thanks & best wishes ;-)


ChessMood 3 days ago

Richard, I might miss questions posted in the main channel. 
Please, if you want be sure, that your question is answered, post in the "PRO Members" channel. 

I'm working on the Benko declined course. 
There are many many declines. 
Can you clarify, in which you're struggling most. 

Anyway, I'm sure you miss most our streams, during which we covered all the sidelines many times :) 
Richard Dickinson

Richard Dickinson 3 days ago

@GM Avetik.. thanks for your reply!

As you know, I never miss a Chess Mood webinar! ;-)

I just need your games to learn from, but you play hard ball by not sharing them with me!

I'll find alternatives, but nothing beats your personal games coach! Go on..make me happy & make my day and find one or two of your best! You won't regret it LOL... Best wishes to you & the team..I'm off to play some Scotch soon..see you there! Laters bro!

Heri Darmanto

Heri Darmanto 5 hours ago

We can collect and filter all games of our coaches (Avetik, Gabuzan, Zaven, etc) in OFFLINE and ONLINE (Chess.com and LICHESS) that use this Opening (Benko Gambit) as Black... and learn how they handle and play this opening very well!

Thank you.