ChessMood 4 months ago

Article: Rook vs Pawn Endgames: 8 Must-Know Concepts

Hey Champions!

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Emils S

Emils S 4 months ago

"Out of all chess endgames, which is the most frustrating one for you? 

If you’re like most chess players, you’d probably say “Rook endgames!”"

for me, the most frustrating endgames is same-colored bishop endgames (bishop + pawn vs. bishop). The problem is it is a little hard to remember when you can promote the pawn (assuming the pawn is quite advanced). The annoying part is that sometimes when you get really excited like "Wow! I'm in a winning bishop endgame because of blah blah blah", and then you notice that you just missed a free diagonal for your opponent. :( 

Rook endgames, (at least for me) are not that difficult. You just have to remember the basic rook endgames, and then try to get to one of them even if you are in a different type of position. 

Any thoughts about what I said? 


ChessMood 4 months ago

Emil, we recorded a course already about bishop endgames. 
It's coming soon! 
David Flynn

David Flynn 4 months ago

Even World Champions get it wrong.

Take this Lasker endgame study from Positional Chess Handbook. Both he and Gelfer overlook 11... Kc6=

Shame as it's a nice study otherwise.
David Flynn

David Flynn 4 months ago

Note also 7. g5 in the study is also an error. Both 8... Kd7 and Bd8 are =

Could be interesting for Chessmood to solve this one correctly as part of the course.