ChessMood 4 months ago

Article: How to Find the Right Chess Coach | Ultimate Guide

Hey Champions!

We have this topic in our Blog: 


If you have any questions, comments or you just liked it, feel free to share your thoughts here. 

Abhi yadav

Abhi yadav 4 months ago

Well I prefer to choose Kramnik and Peter.  But if he wants to learn how to play mindblowing moves in time trouble then Grischuk is best in the world. 

My fav. Coach lists includes.

1. Coach Avetik.

2. Coach Gabuzyan

3. Anonymous my teammate mentor hehehe.  

Anonymous :)

Anonymous :) 4 months ago

For Question 1, I would say Svidler!
Sharan Sridhar

Sharan Sridhar 4 months ago

1. I would love to have a world champion who has already achieved the title as my coach like kramnik or anand etc

2. to be honest i have never had "coaches", chessmood is the first place where am meeting strong trainers like GM Avetik 

Vedant Garg

Vedant Garg 4 months ago

Ans 1 ) Leko
Nils Philipp

Nils Philipp 4 months ago

I really like the article and have just filled out the form for finding a coach.

The sentence that gives (for me) the most important point is:

Therefore you want to work with your coach on things that you couldn’t have done alone!"

What does this mean for me being an "Adult Improver" (wife and two kids, full-time job, 49 years old, FIDE ELO around 200): 

I do know "how to study" and I have a general idea of drawing a study plan that fits my needs and framework conditions.

I do have the ability to focus and work hard for my goals. But sometimes I do need a kind of external "push". Taking part in the closed tournaments and webinar is an important "push" for me as I can see how fellow PRO-members improve and compete for our coaches's praise.  And do want to beat Tom soon :-)

I have a limited ability to evaluate my strengths and weaknesses or to put it differently my understanding/knowledge and the ability to apply it in a practical game. Therefore, I can not put together the best possible study plan and cannot adjust it as early as possible. I guess this would be the main field of work for my coach.

David Flynn

David Flynn 4 months ago

I think you're a bit better than 200 Elo, being very modest ;-)
Vishnu Warrier

Vishnu Warrier 4 months ago


Do you have any suggestion on how a chess coach like myself who has a full-time job unrelated to chess, but loves the game and loves to coach, can improve his skills as a coach? 

David Flynn

David Flynn 4 months ago

That's a great question - interested in seeing the reply to this.

Sometimes it's the lower level coach or even the 1600 club player that gets someone interested in chess who is a beginner, long before they go on to have a master level coach. There is very little support from the federations for this sort of coach, but they are the ones helping the next generation on their first steps.

Also once I'm too old for IT, teaching chess might be a good way to supplement a pension.
Nils Philipp

Nils Philipp 4 months ago

Hi Vishnu, I do not know whether there is a chess club in your area or not. If there is you might join the club and try to assist in the kids' training. Or maybe the school you visited has some kind of chess class for which you might assist the teacher. Or maybe just take board and pieces into a park and it should not take too long to get the first pupils. But coming back to your direct question: practice and watch other coaches who do well with kids. And what we use at our club and in our school is the steps method. The teacher's manual for the first step has very good information on how kids learn chess. 
GM_Avetik Grigoryan

GM_Avetik Grigoryan 3 months ago

Hello Vishnu! 
I updated the article by adding a section about how to be a better coach. Enjoy :) 
Tomasz Skrzyczek

Tomasz Skrzyczek 4 months ago

I prefer Vlad Kramnik in my first choice, He actually did what we want, became world champion and he was known from hard working. My secret list of the best coaches are  GM Gabuzyan, which did in my opinion huge improvment in be smart coach, gives more patience in explain our positions. Thanks Man for great webinars ! 
Second is GM Avetik, our Big Brother and my wizard Liczner, who always has good relationship with students and can   inspire to hard work.
Claudio Thoux

Claudio Thoux 4 months ago

I really liked the article and have will fill out the form for finding a coach.

to answer the 2 questions:


2...since in the article you wrote to think big...then 1 Magnus Carlsen 2 Garry Kasparov (he was born 13th aprile if I'm not wrong, like me...but that's all we have in common I suppose :) :) :) ) 3Judith Polgar

Brody Bauml

Brody Bauml 3 months ago

Question 1, Svidler Maybe, he seems like a good coach .  I applied for the google form.  when should i expect to get a reply?
GM_Avetik Grigoryan

GM_Avetik Grigoryan 3 months ago

Brody, we're reviewing the forms and trying to contact you with coaches. 

Llorenç Boldú Zabih

Llorenç Boldú Zabih 3 months ago

Question 1: doubtless Peter Svidler

Question 2: My #1 although I know is unaffordable, would be Jacob Aagaard, I have read many of his books and he was an attacking player.

My #2 Vladimir Akopian. Must be expensive but he was in the Botvinnik-Kasparov and he won everything under 20. So too much talent and light disposition to fuel it all. I think now he is composing Studies

My #3 there is draw here. Paco Vallejo because beside his rating he is spanish best player of all time and I am from Barcelona-Catalonia (Spain). Paco is from Mallorca. The other guy is A.Volokotin, I read his book (exercises) Perfect Your Chess and I read recently in an interview to promote his serial about Decision Making in Chess, he mentioned Perfect Your Chess as a very good book.

I also have a look at lichess.org and chess.com coaches (basically there are the same guys) and called my attention a 25 y.o. active GM who wants to coach, with a rating +2650, the azeri Nihat Abasov. He doesn't publish his fee, only tell to contact for an agreement. But reading your article I doubt so young he is an experience coach and probably he just wants to improve his finance.

Thanks for your time

Llorenç Boldú Zabih

Llorenç Boldú Zabih 3 months ago

I missed to state that the guy who praised Perfect Your Chess is GM B.Gelfand. Talking of Gelfand I have read from improving GMs that Positional Decision Making at Chess is a book that helped them a lot