Applying what we have learnt

Hi coach,

I am currently going through the Arthur Yusupov series (Just finished the second book) but I feel that I am not able to apply whatever I have learnt in the games I play maybe because the series focuses on individual aspects in each chapter.

Is there anything I can do for this?

Thanks in advance.

Kevin D

Kevin D 6 months ago


@Pragkya Jayaram

Unfortunately it is often the case that we cannot apply immediately what we have learnt in chess. Nevertheless it is important to have the information stored in our long term  memory, as well as a way to access it,  so that it can be whipped out when the need arises. 

To help cement learned lessons in our mind we should try to focus on the critical aspects of what is being taught rather than simply trying to  remember everything move by move, in some cases we use pattern recognition to get you from point A to point B, in others a process of elimination, sometimes verbal cues, other times just a good understanding of basic information is enough to guide us in the right direction, sometimes it's a combination of all these techniques.

Take for example mate with Bishop and Knight, you study the method and know how to do it, but you never get an opportunity to apply it in a practical game. Suddenly a year or two later this mate  pops up in  your game and you have to execute it, what is your thought process, how do you go about recalling what you need to perform this mate when the exact moves are fuzzy in your mind?

Even the best of us sometimes lose or way: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YFF5ibgB6eA

Pragkya Jayaram

Pragkya Jayaram 6 months ago

OK. Will definitely try it out.

Thank you