Anyone wants to play 30+0 training games at 7-30 am in the morning EASTERN (New York, Toronto, Montreal)


I'm Anton from Toronto. I'm 34 and I'm rated about 2000-2100 classical on Lichess. I'm looking for training partners to play training games with. My schedule is pretty stable and I'd like to play 2-3 games every week. Just playing some games - we can still study / analyze on our own. Once in a while a joint analysis / discussion is welcome. 

I'm available almost every weekday from 7-30 am to about  8-30 am EASTERN time (Monday - Friday).

I play the French defense against e4. Against d4 I play QGD. As white, I'm a d4 player and prefer openings with Nc3 - Classical QGD, slav, Nimzo, etc.

Please message me if you are interested in playing with me in the morning! Can be casual or rated, doesn't matter. Would be great if we could find several people who are all available in the morning, we can create a little play / study group. 


demetrio k

demetrio k 2 days ago

Hi Anton - what is your lichess handle? I'd be happy to play practice games if we are online at the same time. cheers, d