+500 points in 1 year!
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We have another success story!
Our student Avinash Ramesh, raised almost 500 FIDE rating points after joining us, in less than 1 year!
I'm going to interview him, during the live webinar.
It's gonna be an open one.
More info, you can find here:


You can send your questions in advance, by going through the link, or during the live event as well.
It's very important to learn from people, who have done already what we want to achieve!
David Flynn

David Flynn 1 week ago

I'd add from experience - those who see someone's achievement and think wow, good for them, how can I achieve this / what can I learn, would they help me with something if I asked - they have more chance of succeeding. Those who think bah, luck, bet they relied on (expensive) help / paid for their success in money, I can't achieve this, they wouldn't help me / I don't want to be helped, I'm going to feel jealous/animosity as a defence mechanism - they stay in the same situation.

Looking forward to what he has to say.
Abhi yadav

Abhi yadav 1 week ago

Congrats to @Avinash_Ramesh

Sidharth Sreekumar

Sidharth Sreekumar 1 week ago

Congratulations @Avinash_Ramesh! Keep going!
Edo Tokyo

Edo Tokyo 1 week ago

Fantastic interview! Keep on going @Avinash_Ramesh! You are already my favorite GM!!

Pragkya Jayaram

Pragkya Jayaram 5 days ago

great interview sir 

And congrats Avinash