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5 Reasons to Play Sicilian Defense for Black
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Giorgos Kechagias

Giorgos Kechagias 1 week ago

The sicilian defence is my main choice against 1.e4 when playing black. Although a vast amount amount of variations unfold in front of me, when my opponents play 2.Nf3, I feel very confident with this opening, since I am an aggresive player and like complex positions. But I like Nahdorf variation tge most (although I can't reach this course yet), and Taimanov variation, creating a mobile pawn centre to march forward. My favourite line in Najdorf is Fischer-Sauzin Attack.

When I become a chessmood member, I discovered the power of the accelerated dragon 4. ... g6 with accelerated fianchetto and 7/8. ... d7-d5 thrust. I find this a super opening for black!

Finally, I learned how to play against 2.Nc3 :), and now I am trying to solve the problem of how to fight the Alapin variation.