2020 and our Goals

Hey Champions! 
The best way to achieve our main goal is to divide it into steps and make an action plan.
Let's write our goals list, the plan how we will do that and achieve our goals step-by-step. 

#COGRO (Constant Growth )
#Right Mood - Right Move! 

Giorgos Kechagias

Giorgos Kechagias 1 year ago

I just passed 1850 in lichess blitz and 1900 in bullet! My targets are 2200 for all time controls!
Banh Gia Huy

Banh Gia Huy 1 year ago

We should have about 100 more members each day
Kourosh A

Kourosh A 1 year ago

Here is a draft of my action plan. (I will evaluate the efficiency of  this plan monthly, and modify it if needed)

Name of the project: Chess improvement

Delivery of the Project: Reaching +2200 on Rapid and Blitz chess on Chess.com (or Lichess.com)

Duration of the project: 6 months; Start date: 01-06-2020, End date: 31-12-2020

Resources: Chessmood courses and streams, My Chess Books, Fritz17

Daily Action Plan : 

1- Solving chess positions at Chesstempo.com : 30 minutes per day

2- Playing 2 Rapid chess gamess (15' +10") OR  3 Blitz chess games (10' + 0 ") daily alternatively : 30 minutes per day

3-Watching Chessmood Opening Courses (I will skip advanced section first, when I finish all courses I will go back and watch  advanced section. I will start with Black repertoire first) : 30 minutes per day

4- Using Fritz 17 to develop my own opening repertoire, and to practice the opening move orders. (I will update everything according to Chessmood streams and GMs commentaries)  : 30 minutes per day

5- Watching Middlegame courses on Chessmood:  : 30 minutes per day

6- Reading Practical Endgame Books  : 30 minutes per day

I will work on he following endgame books first:

Endgame Strategy: Shereshevsky

Endgame Virtuoso: Smyslov

Exploring the endgame: Griffiths

Kourosh A

Kourosh A 1 year ago

I did it!

Today, 29/12/2020,  I reached 2223 Rapid Elo at chess.com

Sriram M

Sriram M 1 year ago

Same! I have the exact same Rapid elo, 2223! Crossing 2220 in chess.com Rapid by the end of the year was my goal. I started at ~1850.
Heri Darmanto

Heri Darmanto 1 year ago

My goal, we can win my chess competition in my country... Beating many strong rival opponent in National Competition in my country. 



1. Complete chess skill. 

2. Improve my chess skills, prioritize based on evaluation.


1. Collect DATA all my opponent (real chess tournament data and online chess data from Lichess and chess.com)

2. Match my opponent data with my opening repertoire... 

3. Match CHESSMOOD opening repertoire with my opponent data.

4.Prepare and exlpore this match repertoires a lot.

5.Simulate games based this preparation and exploration. 

Thank You.

Shahinur Haque

Shahinur Haque 1 year ago

My Goal is by the end of December 2020 to achieve 2000 rating 
Rob Dzedzic

Rob Dzedzic 1 year ago


my goal is to improve the understanding of chess and to reach 2200 raiting on lichess by the end of this year.

I have divided my plan into 2 parts:

July-October , finish two Aggarrd´s books: Calculation and Positional play. and reach 2100 on Lichess

October-December, finish another of his two books: Endgame and Attacking chess, and reach 2200.  

Devansh Shah

Devansh Shah 1 year ago

My goal for 2020 is to increase rating by 400 points at the end of 31 December 2020

To learn new theoritical and practical endgames

To learn the openings against caro kann, sicilian and pirc with white and against all sidelines of d4

Alex Bonillo

Alex Bonillo 1 year ago


My goal for the next 4 months is to train consistently everyday. I tend to get distracted easily and struggle to start working on some material until I finish it (for example, a book). I am keeping track of what I do daily so I am held accountable!

All the best!


Jim Carmody

Jim Carmody 1 year ago

I've been playing board 8 in the Lichess4545 league for over a year now, having increased my lichess classical from U1200 to mid-1500 in that time.  My 2020 (into Q1 2021) goal is to get onto board 7, which will require me to gain about 100 points.  I can put 30-60 minutes per day and will do whatever is recommended after I have my one-on-one with a ChessMood GM.
Pablo López

Pablo López 1 year ago

My goal is to train chess at least 1 h every day. I think that if I can achieve that my playing strength should increase (?)... 

Pablo López

Pablo López 1 year ago

My goal is to train/srudy chess 1 h per day! I guess that should help to improve my game... 
Mateo Jackson

Mateo Jackson 1 year ago

My goal is to get to 1900 on chess.com rapid my rating right now is 1620 by December 31
Tom Lancia

Tom Lancia 1 year ago

Go for 2000.  I have a weird feeling you can do it!
Nils Philipp

Nils Philipp 1 year ago

Hi, this is my study plan with my targets for the rest of this year:

Study plan from 10.10.2020 until 31.12.2020

Weekly framework:

·        1h Endgame

·        2h Middle game

·        4h Opening repertoire for White (without advanced)

·        45min Tactics

(After completing the repertoire “Anti-Sicilian” include steams and blitz/rapid games to practice repertoire).


·        Complete 10 “Instructional Classical Endgames” until 31.12.2020

·        Complete 25 “Commented Classical Games” until 31.12.2020

·        Complete 35 “Happy Pieces” until 31.12.2020

·        Complete “Anti-Sicilian” (without advanced) until 01.11.2020

·        Complete “Scotch Game” (without advanced) until 29.11.2020

·        Complete “French” (without advanced) until 13.12.2020

·        Complete “Caro Kann” (without advanced) until 31.12.2020

·        Complete Tactics 2-8 from Beyond the basics/Chess evolution until 31.12.2020

·        Do 1.000 Puzzles from CT-ART until 31.12.2020

Nils Philipp

Nils Philipp 1 year ago

Happy new year! And time to take a look how things went. And to do that I have just read through all the posts in the blog. Thanks to Avetic for all the good advice given in the blog.

General observations

Way too much 3+0 games without reviewing them.

Action: Follow advice given in “Chess Time Controls: Which is Best Suited to You?”, “Golden Method to Increase Online Rating in Chess” and “Stop Playing Chess When Your Body Doesn’t Want To”. Especially, change to 5+3, keep the rule of “9 games” and review games.

Too little targeted training of the new openings.

Action 1: Follow the advice given in “The Importance of Having a Training Partner (Part 1 to 3)”. Specifically, practice the openings with a sparring partner.

Action 2: Prioritize participating in the closed tournaments.

Action 3: Include the streams “From 800 to 2.400” and “From 1.600 to 2.400” into the targets.

Comparison plan and execution (10.10.2020 to 31.12.2020)

Study time spent: 4.550 min (-913 min)

·        Opening repertoire for White: 3.220 min (+371 min)

·        Middlegame: 855 min (-569 min)

·        Endgame: 215 min (-497 min)

·         Tactics (not including time spent on CT-ART App): 260 min (-287 min)

Action 1: Stick to the planed distribution of the study time

Action 2: Compare plan vs. execution monthly.

Concrete targets:

·        Completed 9 “Instructional Classical Endgames” (-1 endgame)

·        Completed 16 “Commented Classical Games” (-9 games)

·        Completed 53 “Happy Pieces” (+18 Happy Pieces)

·        Completed “Anti-Sicilian” (without advanced) as planned

·        Completed “Scotch Game” (without advanced) as planned

·        Completed “French” (without advanced) as planned

·        Completed “Caro Kann” (without advanced) as planned

·        Completed “Scandinavian” (without advanced) exceeding plan

·        Completed “Petroff” (without advanced) exceeding plan

·        Completed “Pirc” and ”Modern Pirc” in parts exceeding plan

·        Completed Tactics 2, 3, 4 from Beyond the basics/Chess evolution (- Tactics 5, 6, 7,8)

·        Done 968 Puzzles from CT-ART (-32 Puzzles)


Continue like that. You are going pretty well. I personally want more puzzles
Parth Kanani

Parth Kanani 1 year ago

I reached 2125 on chess.com and 2201 on Lichess ! 
Nils Philipp

Nils Philipp 1 year ago

@ ChessMood Team: Hi could please open a new discussion "2021 and our Goals". Cheers, Nils
Diane Trice

Diane Trice 1 year ago

I agree that setting goals is important.  I'm new.  Prior to November, I had never played online chess.  It had been over 20 yrs of no chess prior to that, and never a tournament.   So my goal was to improve, and I embarked on the complete chess.com package, and several Daily U1000 tournaments.  I'm spending a few hrs per day at it all, and now I'm at 1050 Daily, 1250 Daily 960 - well below the standard PRO member, I realize.  I'm hoping adding ChessMood to the mix will keep me moving forward, as I continue to advance to the next rounds of those Beginner Tournaments.  Study + Practice + Games = movement towards goals.